Master Course(10 dishes)

Master Course(10dishes)

 1 serving - 55,000KRW


1. Creamy scrambled egg with Jeju traditional sesame-seed oil
2. Jeju traditional Vegetable salad served with soybean paste dressing 
3. Seafood porridge & Cold water Kimchi
4. Radish-stuffed buckwheat crepes ‘BING-DDOK’ and Grilled Sea Bream
5. 3 types of Jeju traditional pancake(Minced Bracken and seafood, Minced pork 
Eggroll, Minced Seaweed and Bracken & scallion egg pancake
6. Steamed Abalone and Grilled Shiitake mushroom with roasted green salt.
7. Octopus & Seaweed with vinegar. 
8. Steamed pork slices & vegetables ‘SOOYOOK’ with radish citron juice pickles.


9. Steamed rice with millet, adzuki beans and barley/ Bean powder Soup Or Spareribs  Soup Or Seafood & Seaweed Soup/ Boiled down Rockfishl in soy saucewith bean, Various green leaf vegetables served with Salt fermented damselfish ’JARI-JOET’ and Sichuan pepper bean paste, Persimmon & radish salad, Chinese cabbage seasoned with soybean paste, Potato stream Kimchi, Young radish kimchi, Pickled Sesame cluster & Bean leaves.


10. Mandarin-ginger tea and Caramelized Mandarin/ Rice cake with brown rice syrup

※ Using the ingredients of the season, the composition of the menu, Depending on the season, there may be some changes.